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The 27 Ridgewood Golf Holes of A.W. Tillinghast

The Tillinghast layout contains three separate 9 hole courses, East, Center and West, that all begin and end at the clubhouse.

Detailed descriptions of the East, Center and West courses are available below.

The Championship Course, a composite of the more difficult holes from the three original nine hole courses, was developed for the PGA Tour Northern Trust (formerly The Barclays) Tournaments.  A downloadable description of the 18 Championship holes is available from this link: RCC Championship Course Journal

All course photography by Evan Schiller -

  • East Course

    • Hole #1 "Adam"

      The most inviting of the opening holes at Ridgewood, a relatively straightforward par 4 playing 348 yards from the blue tees, opens the East nine. The fairway has a relatively generous landing space for tee shots, but misdirection is punished by out of bounds on the left and a pond and trees on the right. There is a cross bunker that stretches across the fairway from the left side about 60 yards from the green. The green is challenging; its big surface is well bunkered and slopes steadily and deceptively uphill from left-to-right.

      Par 4

      291 yards

      321 yards

      348 yards

      380 yards
  • Center Course

    • Hole #1 "Big Carry"

      The toughest opening hole at Ridgewood, this classic Tillinghast cape hole begins with a sharp dogleg left requiring a strong drive over a pond that begins just in front of the tee. A classic risk/reward scenario is on offer. The farther left one aims, there is more pond to carry but the reward is a shorter second shot. A very aggressive shot to the left must fly over a tree on a peninsula in the hazard. A shot hit too far over the right center of the pond can fly the fairway and enter deep rough or a line of trees. The bailout area to the right side of the pond is known as “chicken flats.”

      A cross bunker on the right side of the fairway further complicates the approach to a large green that slopes from back-to-front and from right-to-left. Putting requires steady nerves, even for short putts.

      Par 4

      304 yards

      337 yards

      356 yards

      388 yards
  • West Course

    • Hole #1 "Ante"

      The view from the tee of the “hall” of huge oaks that line both sides of the fairway makes the drive on this par 4 an intimidating first swing of the round. In true Tillinghast style it offers the golfer a choice. Be bold, and favor the left side of the fairway to avoid the left-to-right slope that can channel balls into deep right-side rough. But tee balls going too far left, the dreaded snap hooks, will allow the golfer to renew acquaintances and offer apologies to colleagues on the practice putting green. Approach shots are best played from the left because of a big left-to-right swing on a deceptively fast putting surface. Approach shots from the right side must avoid a deep and dangerous bunker that guard approaches to the green from the right side.

      Par 4

      339 yards

      339 yards

      359 yards

      380 yards